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brenda goddard designs about the artist

Brenda Goddard-Laurence is an artist based out of Portland, Oregon, providing custom mural painting and and other various creative services for the Pacific Northwest and beyond

"Art is a collaborative process for me. I love working together with people to capture what they are dreaming up for themselves. I strive to be a conduit for the end product that clients are wanting to bring forth."

Brenda is an accomplished artist who focusses primarily on designing and painting murals. She also enjoys providing creative services in the form of illustration and design for various types of clients including Nickelodeon and Random House/Penguin Books. With almost 2 decades of experience as a digital illustrator for Disney Consumer products, Brenda is a seasoned professional and delivers high quality art infused with heart and soul.

Collaboration with clients, project managers, students and friends in the creative process is the reward that keeps on giving and can be seen as a profound metaphor for life. We are all in this together and art can't exist in a vacuum. At the very least it's a relationship between the artist and the viewer with the art being the uniting force.


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